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Dear Parent(s),


It is my great pleasure to recommend Mrs. Nancy Bryan as a teacher and student tutor.  I can specifically suggest attending her summer school preparation classes.


I have sent my child to Mrs. Bryan’s summer classes for two consecutive summers.  Mrs. Bryan unquestionably has the ability to teach children to love learning.  She is very attentive to each child’s individual needs and ensures she individualizes her instruction to ensure all the children are focusing on their specific areas for growth. 


Mrs. Bryan consistently goes above and beyond for her students, ensuring they excel in all areas of focus.  She is compassionate and caring.  She ensures each child feels welcomed and loved when they enter the door of her classroom.  Not only will Mrs. Bryan take extra time for each child, she will also ensure she is meeting each family’s particular needs.


When you walk into her classroom you are welcomed with joyful music and a warm smile from Mrs. Bryan.  She is consistently prepared for each child every morning they enter her class.  I know this preparation happens a lot on her personal time.  Mrs. Bryan is very willing to go above and beyond for each child to ensure they are prepared for their future success in their educational journey.


I have heard testimonies from other families stating what a difference Mrs. Bryan made in strengthening their child’s academic skills.  Secondly, my child was able to make significant gains in reading in just 4 weeks.  Further, to see my child willing to attend school and be excited to go to school each summer morning says a lot to me as a parent.


Based on my direct observation of her abilities, my child’s gains, and witnessing my child eagerness to attend Mrs. Bryan’s class for two consecutive summers, I would strongly recommend attending her summer sessions.  I believe Mrs. Bryan is an outstanding educator.


Thank you for all you do for each of the children you serve Mrs. Bryan!!



Cindy B.

A Parent

Dear Mrs. Bryan,


Madeleine loved both of your summer sessions. She had so much fun playing and learning and really enjoyed the take home practice work. Everyday she looked forward to me opening up her binder to see what your comments of the day were. Sometimes there were wonderful little handwritten notes of love and encouragement. As I would read them aloud her face would just light up and have the biggest smile! She loves school and it's in the most part because of you! The way that you teach is so loving and caring the children are just drawn to you because of your spirit and your soul.  I can not tell you enough how grateful we are to have had you as Maddie's teacher you are such a wonderful influence. 

We would highly recommend your summer courses to anyone and Maddie would love to go back again next summer. During those two months her reading skills excelled tremendously and she also excelled in math and mastered the number line. I feel that it really helped her prepare for kindergarten in a way that was over and beyond my expectations. 

I also loved that she came home praising Jesus and singing songs of praise and worship. Your ability to balance faith, education, and love are like none I have ever seen before.  In my heart I consider your talents a gift from God. You have surpassed your calling as a teacher and we appreciate your passing on those gifts to our daughter. 


With gratitude and love,

Adam and Lisa Cliatt

Our Summer Session:


Sophia has so much fun!  She couldn't stop talking about how much she enjoyed learning about kangaroos and other animals when the Houston Zoo came to visit.  She loves to take out the Word Wall you made and to use it to help her write sentences - just for fun!  She loved the balance of outdoor play, centers, and traditional academic instruction and material. We LOVE the photo album commemorating the summer fun session! I have to say that our investment of time and money for Sophia to attend Pre-K 4 in your class and the summer session have so far proven to be a very wise investment.  Sophia is confident and prepared for Kindergarten in a way that was unimaginable to us just a little over a year ago.  Thank you for impacting her life.



Melissa Ruehl and family

Dear Parents,


Nancy Bryan inhibits every characteristic a parent could ever desire for his or her child.  She is passionate about learning and ensures that each of her students reach their academic potential.  The differentiated instruction that she utilizes is unparalleled.  Through jingles, poems, worksheets, pictures, beads, blocks or flashcards, students are encouraged to excel in the mode of learning that best suits their needs.  Although the most important, academic instruction is not the only gift Nancy has been given.  She has a deep love for each of her students and praises them for their continued growth, maturity and success.  This praise resulted in my son

always striving for his best not only when completing homework, but when doing other non-academic activities, as well.  He always wanted to "do his best for Mrs. Bryan."  Nancy has been gifted in her ability to inspire students to yearn for excellence in all that they do.  Mrs. Bryan is a true educator who teaches, guides, and inspires children of all ages and academic levels.  We feel blessed that our son called her "teacher."


Nancy Bryan's Summer Enrichment Program is the best program I have ever encountered.  As an educator myself, with a Master's Degree in Education, I diligently searched for a program that would meet my expectations and be an enjoyable experience for my son.  Nancy's class far exceeded my expectations!  During the summer program, my preschool-aged son truly transformed as a learner.  He transitioned from a child who greatly disliked writing and coloring to a child who begs to "write his name" or "color a picture." It was truly a miracle that we witnessed through Nancy's guidance and leadership!  He enjoyed each day of the program and eagerly told me of all that he learned each day.  Several additional skills we gained through Mrs. Bryan's Summer Enrichment Program include recognizing and writing both upper and lowercase letters, knowing all of the letters sounds (not just one sound per letter), READING by using phonetic sounds and recognizing unusually spelled or spoken words (sight words).   I could not be more pleased with my son's academic growth and the overall maturity he gained while under Nancy's leadership.


We love you so much!

Ginger Burk and Family

Dear Parents,


The moment you walk into Mrs. Bryan classroom a positive and embracing atmosphere surrounds you as her sweet and fun spirit welcomes you into a new exciting and adventurous day. Our child wakes up every morning with curiosity and excitement to start a new day as his love for school has been well established by Mrs. Bryan's wisdom, knowledge and creativity in a Christ-centered environment. As a family we have been greatly blessed by Mrs. Bryan love, kindness and passion for education imparted to our our little one and his classmates.



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