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Kindergarten Readiness Program Schedule

The Kindergarten Readiness Summer Program is four weeks long with an optional additional week for making up any missed days. 


This program is dynamic and will take your child from their current academic level and move them forward to new learning challenges and accomplishments. You will be amazed at their progress in this program.

"Our two children are very different and were not at the same level academically. Both have thrived in Mrs. Bryan's class. She makes learning fun and exciting. She has a truly unique ability of being able to teach such a magnitude of new information to 4 year olds. Mrs. Bryan deeply cares for the whole child"


Xraka White

"Today our son Nicholas completed his senior year in high school number 1 out of 512. He was smiling so big his dimples showed just like they did when he walked through the doors of your classroom.


Nancy, you were the most wonderful influence in the beginning of his school life. Thank you. We love you."


Nicholas and Family

"Nancy Bryan was my child's first and favorite teacher. Nancy was  patient, cheerful, showed acceptance, respect, love, caring and perseverance. Her integrity is without question.


You will not find a more qualified teacher or lovely person to teach young children. She is an extraordinary human being of the highest caliber!"


Jeffie Bizzarri

Summer Program

Every child is evaluated continuously through the program. We take each child where they are academically and move them forward as far as possible.


To extend their learning, parents may want to sign up for the optional additional week. We understand children are in different levels of learning at different times. This program allows the flexibility to individualize learning for each student.

Optional Fifth Week

If desired, Parents can continue their child's learning for an additional week. 


Daily evaluation of each student's progress has been used during my regular school classes for years. Continuous evaluations combined with individual instruction ensures we stay ahead of each child in the learning process so that as soon as they are ready they will move to the next learning challenge.


The Optional Week can also be used to make up any missed days from the first four weeks at no additional charge.

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